CESAR DIAS began his studies in dance by the Jazz modality and in these 18 years of experience he studied  different dance styles such as Contemporary, Classical Ballet, Indian Dance, African Dance and Contact Improvisation.


In his career he had worked with several choreographers among them Ivaldo Bertazzo. The partnership between Bertazzo and SESC São Paulo resulted in two shows, Milágrimas and  SAMWAAD, performed in Brazil and some European countries.


In 2008, after a period working in Brazil, Cesar toured Asia for 1 year, including Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan. In 2009, he did a few works around the USA and the Bahamas. These two periods were moments of research and contact with many different cultures, that nowadays help him to develop more authentic choreographs. 


In 2012, he traveled to Venice/Italy for an intensive immersion in contemporary dance at the Arsenalle Della Danza program, directed by Ismael Ivo, in a partnership between SESC São Paulo, São Paulo State Department of Culture and La Biennale di Venezia. In Venice he had contact and classes with great names of the contemporary dance such as: Francesca Harper (USA), Terence Lewis (India), Maria Thaís (Brazil), Welligton Campos (Brazil), Josef Frucek (Slovakia), Linda Kapetenea (Greece), Ko Murobushi (Japan), Adriana Borriello (Italy) and Pichet Klunchun (Thailand). 

When he returned to Brazil in 2012, he joined the Cisne Negro Cia de Dança, under the artistic direction of Dany and Hulda Bittencourt, where he is still working. In almost six years working at Cisne Negro, Cesar danced Ballets of the Brazilian choreographers: Mário Nascimento, Rui Moreira, Dany Bittencourt, Tídalo Silvano; and the international choreographers: Patrick Delcroix (France), Itzik Galli (Israel), Barak Marshall (USA) and Gigi Caciuleanu (Romania). 


Currently Cesar is still dancing at Cisne Negro and working as choreographer to different projects and dance companies.

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"I visit what is not addressed: the stereotypes and the fake society that chooses not to see the beauty in the unknown or different. I prefer the shapeless beauty"

Cesar Dias

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